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Tyres We have Dunlop 801 tyres in stock together with Dunlop "cats paw" tread tyres. Dunlop have much improved their tyres recently. We first used the 801 trials tyre at the Pre - 65 scottish and was impressed with the grip in streams and on rocks.
The cats paw style tread we use for our Anglian Trail bike. This gives better wear on roads but also allows you to go off road when required. Tubes to suit together with security bolts and rim tapes are also available.
Tyre sizes: Trials 400 x 18 Ref: D801R
    275 x 21 Ref: D801F
 Trail400 x 18 Ref: K550R
  275 x 18Ref: K550F
Tubes:Rim Tapes Ref: 21
   Ref: 18
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