The Dublin Spire, an innovative combination of light, design and movement.

The Spire is the tallest structure in Dublin, with a design that demands to be shown off to the city and it's visitors through effective lighting. In order to present the Dublin Spire to it's optimum effect a striking lighting solution was required, with aviation safety a key issue.The Dublin Spire

Leda-Lite International was selected to illuminate the Spire with both aviation and architectural lighting.

In total 2000 white Luxeon Star LEDs were used to light the spire, creating a light output of 2000 candela in all directions and a structure that can be seen from up to 15 miles away.

We used specially designed optics to create 360 degrees of light around the aviation light. By turning the optics 90 degrees the lighting solution spreads light down the entire length of the spire, emitting it through 11,000 perforated holes along the structure's aluminium core.

These holes allow the architectural light to shine through, while in a breeze the slight swaying of the spire allows the lighting to sparkle through the holes, creating a twinkling effect that extends across the city.

Our Managing Director, Richard Deal said: "Our brief was to create an eye catching light solution for both aviation and architectural lighting, and to achieve this we wanted to use light in an unusual and powerful way. At night the Spire's stainless steel surface resembles the sky with hundreds of stars, while in the daytime, under bright sunlight, it has an unreal look, more like a computer simulation. The Luxeon solution gives the city the best of both worlds, providing bright, powerful light with the highest ecological requirements through energy efficency and long life, allowing us to exceed our client's expectations."

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