LED Products

Obstruction beacon Leda-Lite International design, manufacture and supply a complete range of quality lighting and signage products for many common and diverse applications to cover onshore or offshore installation.

Light Emitting Diodes

  • More efficient
  • More economic
  • Vibration resistant
  • Disposal friendly
  • No heat issues
  • Robust(virtually vandal proof)
  • Minimal maintenance required

Should you need convincing any further that LED's are the future of lighting products, here is one example of cost savings.

Our example looks at 800 Belisha Beacons over a five year period. An LED Belisha Beacon would cost 78.30 to install and run for a period of 5 years. An equivalent filament beacon would cost 213 for this period, which equates to a saving of 134.70 per lamp.

107,760 would be saved over a five year period on 800 Belisha Beacons.
The above figures are based on a survey carried out by Essex County Council Street Lighting.

As well as the bespoke manufacturing capability, many items can be supplied off the shelf for the following business sectors...

Click on the individual items for more information.

Street Lighting Architectural Aviation/Marine Automobile Ancillary

LED Light Tubes (fluorescent replacement)

Street Lighting

Belisha Beacon

Solar Power/Wind Generator

Car Park Light

Central Reservation Beacon

Keep Left Bollard

Keep Left Bollard (round gear trays

Portable LED Extendable Work Light

Portable Sign System

Sign Lights

Wait Sign




Illuminated Stair Nosing

Low Intensity Beacon

LED Light Tubes (fluorescent replacement)

Obstruction Beacon

Surface Mounted Lights

LED Light Tubes (fluorescent replacement)

Street Lighting

OmniDirectional Obstruction Beacon


Low Location escape lighting

LED Exit sign

Pontoon lights

Portable LED Beacon

Portable LED Extendable Work Light

Rain Lights

Street Lighting



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