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Anglian Frame Kit

Frame kits are available from Greeves so you can build the machine at your leisure or when money permits.
We start you off with the basics. Frame MP675 Telescopic Forks, Shocks and Footrest kit.
You can add the additional parts by purchasing these from Greeves or if you so wish collect these from another source.
frame kit
You may already have an engine, mudguards and wheels.
The frame kit gives you flexibility to build a new Anglian to fit in with your budget.

Available soon frame kits for TES and TFS Greeves.

The frame kits are available so you can build your bike to your own spec. We provide the Frame,swinging arm and cradle with the silent block bushes, spindle and bolts. We can provide everything if you wish or you can sorce your parts from wherever you can find them. Perhaps you have a shed full of parts but no frame to bolt them to well nows your chance to build your own Greeves. We are happy to help with advice as long as we are not on the phone all day or writing e mails all night or if we have drawings we can supply these at a moderate cost. Or you can contact The Greeves Riders Association who would be pleased to help. The frames will be available painted in Moreland Blue or unpainted.

Prices for TES/TFS with cradle,swinging arm Aluminium beam, frame painted moreland blue 750.00
Price for Tes/TFS with cradle,swinging arm Aluminium beam unpainted 700.00
Price for Anglian frame with cradle painted silver 825.00
Price for Anglian frame un-painted 725.00


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