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In September 1999 we purchased MP forks. The MP range of forks were used in many competition and road machines with great success.
We now produce an improved version of the original fork with better damping and internals. The fork sliders fitted to the new Anglian are produced from solid billet aluminium. These are machined on CNC lathe to a very fine tolerance. Stanchions produced from Reynolds 531 tubing are machined, ground and hard chromed to fit the sliders exactly. oil seals, bushes, piston tubes are carefully fitted to the forks which are as important as any other part of the bike. various degrees of damping are available to suit most machines:-
  • Blue 19lb springs for TRIALS
  • Red 23lb springs for TRIAL,MX,ENDURO
  • White 25lb springs for ROAD and ROAD RACING
Stanchions are available in 21.25" and 23" short sliders for road racing - solid or open ends for fixed or quick release spindles. Yokes, available in aluminium or steel, can be adapted to fit 0.75" or 1" headstock spindles. Length of spindles are from 8" - 12".

MP675 TELEFORK - suitable for machines 250 - 500cc Trials, MX and Road Racing.
Sliders are manufactured from aluminum solid billet to fine tolerance with burnished bore.
Stanchion: Reynolds 531 tubing hard chromed and ground to fit slider. 8 micron chrome finished. Teflon coated, replaceable bearing bush in the aluminium slider with one single and one double lip seal. Hydraulic damping which includes bump stop and rebounding spring. Aluminium die cast yokes(triple clamps) with U bolts and cup handlebar fixings. Head stock spindles available at various lengths to fit most makes of machine. Adaptors available for various triple clamp set ups.

6.25" movement  4.25" movement
31.5" long  27"long
Weight: 20lbs  Weight: 18lbs
Oil: 5w - 200cc  Oil: 10w - 200cc

MP600 TELEFORK - suitable for machines up to 250cc.
Aluminium die cast sliders highly polished and burnished internally. Teflon coated bushes and single and double lipped seals. Hydraulic dampers both ways including oil bump stops and rebound spring. Various lengths of spindles are stocked with adaptors if required for adjustment in triple clamps. The clamps are available in either aluminium or anodised steel. steel yokes have holes provided for lock stops. Top nuts have a pressure neutralising valve fitted.

5.25" movement 6" movement  4" movement
29" long 29" long  27" long
Weight: 14lbs Weight: 15.5lbs  Weight: 14lbs
Oil: 5w - 200cc Oil: 5w - 200cc  Oil: 10w - 200cc


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