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Anglian Exhaust System

The Anglian Exhaust System, which comprises of front pipe, silencer, stinger silencer and heat guard. The front pipe is one piece with two bolt flange fixing 1¾" diameter(45mm). The silencer has fibreglass filling to reduce noise. The stinger is also packed with fibreglass material. The heatguard is produced from aluminium and can be screwed or pop riveted to the silencer box. Copper exhaust gasket and fixing bolts are also available.

Short Competition Silencer
Here at Greeves Motorcycles we have now manufactured our own Short Competition silencer which, is a universal fit to either the left hand or right hand of the bike.
The silencer has a 1¾" inlet and 1" tail pipe that curls outwards. The silencers are unpainted which enables you to finish them off in a colour of your choice, or have them chromed; when brackets and fixtures have been sorted out.
The silencer has a boss welded on ready for your bracket. The entry can be top, middle or bottom of the silencer, so that it fits the bike properly.
These new silencers are available for both two stroke and four stroke machines. We are now able to produce a tail pipe noise reducer. Pop this inside your pipe and you will be within the law. This has a perforated barrel which can have wadding put inside, which in turn makes a nice quiet bike, but at the same time, retains the power.


TE Exhaust The exhaust system that is shown here has been made especially for this bike. It is a chrome silencer with a long tail pipe. Four 90 degree bends make up the front pipe.
Price: 185.00


TE Exhaust


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