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New Engine

Should you feel that refurbishing your old engine is too costly, we can provide you with a completely brand new engine - the same as fitted to our new Anglian trials bike.
The benefits of choosing this option are:-
  1. Everything is brand new.
  2. The head is spigoted onto the barrel.
  3. The compression is greater than the older standard engine.
  4. New gears, selectors, pauls, drum, gear change machanism, clutch and primary chain fitted.
  5. Our new pistons wth CR250 narrow rings, bushed gudgeon pin hole, up to +80 thou oversize.
  6. Uprated crankcase stronger than any other previous "Villiers" crankcase.
  7. Electronic ignition to enable you to have ease of starting - no more worries about getting water into the electrics! A full lighting kit is an optional extra with this system.
  8. Full circle crank with "coppered" con rod and needle roller bearing small end.
  9. Brand new Challenger barrel with counter bored sleeve for head to sit in. Ports have chamfered edges to assist gas flow. The barrel also has availability to have a reed valve fitted in the back and the transfer ports opened up to adapt the barrel for racing. Different gear ratios are available (see chart under GEARBOX). We also have ultra low second and third gears. The engine can be used for trials as standard or road and scrambles with porting and gearing modifications.
  10. Brand new inner and outer cases produced to keep the conventional look of the engine completes the package
So, when you receive your new engine, all you do is drop it into the cradle, connect up to the electrics, fit the exhaust and you are away - it's as simple as that!

PRICE: 246cc Greeves Challenger engine 2000 ready to fit: 1950 + VAT


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